Main Jam Chef
Canning Expert

The jamming tradition ( the fruit not the music) is the result of a trip to Beirut taken one summer, when Anna observed the apricot baking in the hot sun on my mom's balcony, wondered what that was. The method of baking the fruit part- way and then letting the sun do the rest exists in a lot of cities and towns in both Lebanon and Syria. That was 2011 or 2012, we lose track. But every year the fruit is a little more special ( locally sourced, from friends' trees, etc) and the amount seems to creep up. 

This tradition is one lasting memory from my childhood in Damascus, and I am so grateful to have found the partner to bring it back to life every summer!

If you are interested in participating in one of the jamming sessions ( an evening or a weekend in June, whenever the fruit is ready) we accept a limited number of interns, time commitment is negotiable. 

Our Board of Directors

Seth Abramson

Basil Ayish

Ramzi Budayr

Nancy Chemaly

Nabil Hissen

Stephen A Johnson

Dave Radlauer

Jose Ruiz

Chris Siebert

Stephanie Yamout

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We are very fortunate in being able to partner with Jose Ruiz and his outfit, Mundomuzik. Jose is meticulous about getting the sound just right, brings tons of music to play inbetween sets ( and after party, when available), and in a pinch can even set up lighting!


Our event planner extraordinaire is the always beaming and incredibly talented Jeanne O'Reilly. Her venture is Steppinginn, and we are very so lucky that she is able to take on producing our events. 

Founder and Occasional Apricot Picker: Amer


The Canning Queen: Anna